The Party branch of Maoming Port Group carried out democratic evaluation activities for Party members


    In order to build Party members well in the new period and under the new situation, we should earnestly improve the Party conduct, clean government and community-level Party building, improve the overall quality of the Party members, and strengthen the appeal, cohesion and combat effectiveness of Party organizations。8月13日,The Party branch of Maoming Port Group held the democratic evaluation conference of Party members of the Party branch,In accordance with the relevant requirements of the higher authorities and the standards for Party members stipulated in the Party Constitution,We earnestly carried out democratic evaluation activities of Party members,The party members from the ideological, work, study, organizational concept, party discipline and other aspects of a comprehensive evaluation and assessment。Mr. Luo Dafang, Vice President of Maoming Port Group, member of the Party Committee and secretary of the Party Branch of the Group attended and presided over the meeting. Mr. Liu Naiying, Vice President and member of the Party Committee, Mr. Liang Zhaoji, Assistant President of Maoming Port Group and Comrade Zhong Xun, Chief Financial Officer of Maoming Port Group attended the meeting, and all Party members of the party branch attended the meeting。 

    Party branch Secretary Luo Dafang pointed out in the leadership self-inspection report,The branch of the organ fully realizes the great significance of carrying out educational practice activities,Earnestly in accordance with the unified deployment of Maoming Port Group Party Committee,To solve the problem of "four winds" as the overall goal,In the deep implementation of the central eight provisions, provincial and municipal party committee requirements as the starting point,Closely around the "look in the mirror, is dressed, take a bath, treatment" of the total requirements,well-organized,Careful arrangement。On the basis of in-depth study, the group members against the Party Constitution, the relevant regulations of the central government, the province and the city, against the advanced typical, against the grassroots, the organs of the Party cadres and staff widely solicited opinions and suggestions, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, reform, and achieve good results。

    Members of the branch shall conduct individual checks and carry out criticism and self-criticism one by one,Everyone in accordance with the "look in the mirror, dress, take a bath, treatment" of the total requirements,A comparative inspection was carried out on compliance with the Party's political discipline and implementation of the Central Committee's eight-point Regulation,And connect the job responsibilities,Look for problems at work,Look for gaps in ideology and Party spirit,The outstanding problems existing in "four winds" are investigated deeply,The direction of future efforts and improvement measures have been made clear。Party members criticized each other under the principle of "pointing out problems, helping to improve, enhancing unity and seeking truth from facts"。In the mutual criticism, we speak freely, expose the ugly, full of spicy taste, at the same time made it clear that seriously accept criticism, actively do rectification work。The meeting received the positive effect of unifying ideas, improving style of work, enhancing unity and improving together。

    Group Party Committee member Liu Naiying on behalf of the Group Party Committee to the meeting comments。He fully acknowledged the results of the meeting and noted the strong atmosphere of the meeting。既开展自我批评又开展批评;又查摆了问题又分析原因;既提出了努力方向又明确了具体整改措施;既能坚持按政策、程序办事,Strictly abide by relevant regulations within the Party,Strict organizational discipline,严格按照规定步骤和方法开展工作;又能结合实际认真抓好评议各个环节,Uncharted form,Don't go through the motions。At the same time, they can also creatively organize some optional actions according to the actual situation, so that the work of the Party members of the democratic appraisal has its characteristics, and carry out activities with the promotion of the central work and key work, and do practical and good things for the masses, so as to ensure that the democratic appraisal activities are fruitful and practical。He hopes that the party branch of the group organs should seek practical results every time it opens a democratic appraisal meeting, and strive to turn every democratic appraisal meeting into a meeting of unity and endeavor, and a meeting of encouragement。At the same time, solve the problem。To solicit opinions, questions raised,We should follow the principle of improving what we have and encouraging what we have not,Look at rationally,Solve seriously,Take care of what can be taken care of right away,立改立行;对需要一定时间才能解决的,Be clear about the time limit and the person responsible,明确责任领导一项一项地抓好落实;对不能解决的,Take appropriate ways to make clear to cadres and staff。He hoped that by earnestly carrying out the work of Party building, the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of Party members, cadres and staff could be concentrated into the work of doing business, and the rapid development of Maoming Port Group could be promoted。

    The Party members' democratic evaluation Council further improved the self-understanding of the party members, consciously used the ideological weapon of criticism and self-criticism to examine and analyze themselves, further improved the overall quality of the Party members of the Maoming Port Group organs, enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the branch, and achieved the desired goal。

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