Maoming Port Group held the Party's mass line education practice activities thematic democratic life


    According to the unified arrangement of Maoming Municipal Committee of the CPC Mass Line Education and Practice Activities Office, Maoming Port Group will hold a special democratic life of Mass Line education and practice activities for one day on July 11th。This is the first department directly under Maoming City to hold the Party's mass line education and practice activities thematic democratic life unit。  

    In accordance with the general requirements of "looking in the mirror, dressing properly, taking a bath and treating diseases", the team members of Maoming Port Group will meet,Relate to each other's ideological reality, job responsibilities and work experience,Focus on "four winds" for control examination,Take criticism and self-criticism seriously,Deeply analyze the root of thought,Conscientiously put forward the direction of efforts and rectification measures。Hu Jun, Party Secretary and chairman of Maoming Port Group, presided over the meeting and made a control inspection on behalf of the group. Members of the group's leading group carried out a personal control inspection one by one, and carried out criticism and self-criticism. Zheng Taili, leader of the 11th Municipal Supervision Group, attended the meeting and made an important speech。

    To open a good special this question democratic life,Maoming Port Group team members made full preparations,Through the adoption of intensive learning, individual self-study, leadership internal classes, watching theme films and other forms,Check requirements, typical cases to find their own problems,And by holding a symposium, setting up a suggestion box, individual talks, issued a request for comment form,And combined with "optional action" rationalization suggestions and other forms,Solicit opinions and suggestions from Party cadres, the general public and workers on the leading group and its members。征求意见49条,查找突出问题38个,已经解决30个,承诺整改11个;献言献策收集合理化建议136条。Through "three searches and three Promotions",We will carry out the activity of "looking back" to fill gaps,To "open the door" to accept advice,"The truth", "the truth",Again "one to one", "face to face", "back to back" to listen to suggestions,Not enough depth of learning,Go back to the problem,Find out the answer to the problem in the study。Team members carefully write control inspection materials, repeatedly modified, and comprehensively carried out heart-to-heart talk activities, further communication of ideas, to investigate problems, to ensure that the problem to find the right, dig deep the root, for a good thematic democratic life to lay a solid foundation。

    In the special democratic life meeting, Hu Jun, chairman of the group on behalf of the leading group to make a comparative inspection, summed up the implementation of the Party's political discipline, the central eight-point regulations and the "four winds" of the comparative inspection。班子查摆出“四风”方面的突出问题,在形式主义方面,主要是理论、政策传达学习不及时、不深入,走过场;下基层调研时间少,流于形式;对基层反映的困难和问题,解决与反馈不及时。In terms of bureaucracy,It is mainly a lack of concern for non-responsible work,缺乏全局一盘棋的观念;到基层一线工作少,Unable to timely solve the difficulties and problems of grass-roots staff,影响稳定;忙于工作,很少关心新入职员工;部分班子成员性格比较急躁,Sometimes you don't have the full facts or the patience to listen to subordinates,To criticize his subordinates harshly。在享乐主义方面,主要是服务意识淡薄;主动工作思想差,推一推动一动;把个人利益和福利待遇看得重,艰苦奋斗和勤俭节约意识有所减弱。在奢靡之风方面,主要是对外接待时,撑场面,生怕接待“不周到”影响工作;存在吃请现象,艰苦朴素意识松懈。In view of these problems, this paper deeply analyzes the root of the ideology from seven aspects, such as ideal and belief, purpose consciousness, Party spirit cultivation and service consciousness, and analyzes the serious collective corruption of leading cadres in Maoming in recent years, and puts forward five rectification measures。

    Subsequently, Chairman Hu Jun took the lead to carry out personal control inspection, and the members of the group also carried out personal control inspection one by one, closely related to ideology, work and life reality, in-depth investigation of the problems, profound analysis of the reasons, and targeted rectification measures。After each member of the leading group checks his speech, other members put forward critical comments。When they criticized each other, they pointed out that some comrades had poor patience in their work, were impatient and criticized much。Some comrades make excessively strict and high demands on their subordinates, discouraging their enthusiasm for work。Some comrades seldom go to the grassroots level and give little help and guidance。Some comrades make decisions based on experience and divorced from reality。Some comrades have old man thought and so on。Everyone is honest, outspoken, without losing face to criticize each other, listen to opinions, attitude is correct, humbly accept。

    After the criticism and self-criticism, Jeong Tae-rye made comments on the special democratic life。He believed that Maoming Port Group thematic democratic life is well prepared and serious, which meets the specific requirements of the central, provincial and municipal Party committees on the democratic life of educational practice activities, and is a high-quality democratic life。Team members to find problems and analyze the cause of profound, put forward the direction of rectification and measures concrete and feasible, carry out mutual criticism not to cover up, mercilessly, dare to face shortcomings and problems, opened a spicy taste, to achieve the purpose of unity - criticism - unity。Group leader Zheng Litai put forward clear and specific requirements for the next step of Maoming Port Group's educational practice activities。He asked Maoming Port Group to further focus on the rectification work, the special democratic life is only the beginning of the implementation of the Party's mass line, to find out the problems, make a list, set up a ledger, open the door to make solid rectification。Members of the leading group should deeply analyze the series of corruption cases of major leaders in Maoming in recent years, draw lessons, take the lead in doing a good job of honesty and self-discipline, and create a clean and positive development environment for enterprises。

    Hu Jun said at the conclusion of the meeting,The next step,The Party Committee of the company shall comply with the requirements of the central, provincial and municipal Party committees,We will continue to solve the problems that are highlighted by the staff and workers,With greater determination, greater effort and greater effort, we will take more effective measures,Try to start with the source of thought,Start with establishing rules and regulations,We will intensify efforts to effectively solve the problem of the "four winds",Ensure clear results that satisfy the Party and the masses,The actual results of the construction of the style of work accepted the inspection of the Party Committee and the broad masses of workers,Strive to turn the achievements of educational activities into work results,Accelerate the construction and development of Maoming Port Group,To live up to the trust of the leadership and the expectations of the people of this city。


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