Maoming Port Group achieved full production and operation in the first quarter
-- Carrying out in-depth education and practice activities on the Party's mass line has shown initial results


    In the first quarter of this year, Maoming Port Group deeply carried out the Party's mass line education and practice activities, all Party members and cadres were enthusiastic about production, and the group achieved a full house of production and operation in the first quarter。Therefore, on April 22nd, Maoming Port Group held a performance analysis meeting for the first quarter, summarized the operation and management work in the first quarter of this year, and made a comprehensive deployment for the operation and management work in the next three quarters。



   First quarter,Five subordinate enterprises, including Port Management Company, Xinlong Company, Binhai Holding Company, Binhai Development Company and Binhai Property Company, are under the guidance of the Municipal supervision group and the Mass Line Practice Office of the Group Party,Conscientiously carry out the Party's mass line education and practice activities,Party members and leading cadres to improve the "four winds",Go out among the masses,Solve problems for the people and do practical things,All Party members, cadres and staff have the overall situation of the group's development in mind,Based on one's own work,Do one's best and do one's best,A good working atmosphere of "comparing, learning, rushing and exceeding" has been formed,Promoted the company to achieve rapid development,Among them, the port management company and Xinlong Company have repeatedly updated the operating data since the port opened,inspiring。As of March 31, the total assets of Maoming Port Group 29.6.4 billion yuan, net worth 24.99亿元。集团第First quarter,完成3亿元贷款,5亿中票注册;博贺新港区防波堤工程的东防波堤实现全面开工,First quarter完成堤心石抛填10万m3,累计推进400m。In Dongge Ling, 570,000 m3 of topsoil has been cleaned and transported, and 55 times of blasting has been carried out in stone mining, with a blasting volume of about 18.6万m3。Bohe Bay Avenue has completed 16 percent of the total construction work。Haiao Project has completed the backfilling of nearly 120,000 m3 of earth, and the backfilling and leveling of the plant land has been completed。The operating income of the Group in the first quarter was 650,000 yuan, among which the subsidiary port operating company completed 50 percent of the loading and unloading.360,000 tons, an increase of 39 percent year-on-year.85%;完成生产总值980万元,同比增长49.4%;净利润130万元,与去年同期(-7.330,000 yuan), has made a qualitative leap。Xinlong Wharf Company completed loading and unloading volume 13.8万吨,环比增长66%;完成生产总值560万元,环比增长53%;净利润113万元,环比增长99%。

  会上,President Hu Jun made an important speech,He affirmed the good achievements made by the subordinate enterprises in operation, management and engineering construction in the first quarter of the group,The achievement of these achievements,Is each department, each subordinate enterprise leaders take the lead in front of the charge, all cadres and workers positive,By working hard together。He thanked everyone for their efforts on behalf of the group team。

  He put forward six requirements for continuing to do a good job in the whole year: first, continue to carry out in-depth education and practice activities of the mass line of the Party, gather the wisdom and strength of the whole group of Party members, cadres and staff, continue to maintain growth, and strive to complete the annual work targets。Second, engineering construction remains the priority。All departments should speed up the work of project construction, especially the promotion of the East and West breakwater, Donggeling, sewage treatment plant, water works and other projects in Bohe New Port area。Third, continue to increase the innovation of project investment and financing, and complete the issuance of 500 million yuan coupon as soon as possible。We will strengthen capital operations and make preparations for issuing corporate bonds in advance。Fourth, in the group as a whole, combined with each subsidiary companies to expand and strengthen the enterprise capital supply chain。Fifth, we will speed up the start-up of 300,000 ton shipping lanes, eight 30,000-ton terminals and oil, gas and chemical terminals。Sixth, the port operation company and Xinlong Wharf should make preparations for functional transformation and upgrading in advance according to the development of Shuidong Bay New City。

  Finally, President Hu Jun said that the first quarter performance analysis meeting was very timely, analysis in place, hope to continue to carry forward。He hoped that all departments and subordinate enterprises in the next three quarters to unite all Party members, cadres and staff, play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, lead the whole group of staff, make persistent efforts, seize the momentum, seize the success to pursue, strive for better results。

      Group Chairman Hu Jun, vice presidents Luo Dafang, Liu Naiying, Dai Fei, as well as the heads of subordinate enterprises, all departments above the middle level leaders attended the meeting。

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