Join hands and enjoy the fruitful achievements of Maoming's rural revitalization

Maoming Port Group actively participated in the 8th Maoming National Fitness Walking Festival


On the morning of Feb. 25, the 8th National Fitness Walking Festival was held in Maoming City, with the theme of "Visiting Yanjing Tanka Ruins and seeing Rural Revitalization of Maoming"。At the call of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, Wang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, led the cadres and staff of the Group's organs and affiliated enterprises to actively participate in the activities, feel the happiness brought by the movement, enjoy Yanjing Tanka's unique charm, and personally understand the new achievements of rural revitalization。

On the morning of the event, everyone arrived early to take a bus and arrived at the starting point on time to attend the launch ceremony。As the Municipal Party Secretary Zhuang Yuequn announced the launch of the activity, the exciting drum sounded, the flag of the group flew in the wind, and everyone walked along the coastal greenway in fine spirits and vigorous steps。好心广场、和谐广场、茂名南海影视基地、虎头山……茂名港人并肩而行,一一打卡每个节点,用手机、相机记录沿途的美丽风光,分享徒步的快乐。It took more than an hour,Come to Yanjing Tanka Market,错落有致的红墙泥瓦房、充满韵味的俚人塔寨和城楼、热闹的塘霞俚街、皮鞋街……一步一景点、一户一特色,Once an old fishing village on the coast,Now it has become a new model of rural revitalization that combines culture, tourism and commerce,Everyone marveled at the wonderful changes in the countryside,纷纷“趁墟”、打卡、游玩、品尝特色美食、观看表演……感受冼夫人文化、俚族文化、疍家文化、渔商文化底蕴,Enjoy the charm of China Tanka photography base,To encourage Maoming's rural revitalization and high-quality development。

This activity not only witnessed the new achievements of rural revitalization in Maoming, enjoyed the Tanka culture and beautiful coastal scenery in Maoming, but also enhanced the health awareness of employees, enriched their spiritual and cultural life, and inspired them to stand on their posts and strive hard to contribute to the high-quality development of the Group。(Chen Libing)

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