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2023 Spring campus of Maoming Port Group Co., LTDRecruitment notice


Maoming Port Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") is a wholly state-owned limited liability company established by Maoming Municipal Committee and Government in August 2012 in order to implement the development strategy of "building a deepwater port, revitalizing modern industry and building a coastal new city", integrate port resources and promote the development of coastal areas。

Since its establishment ten years ago, while giving full play to the main role of infrastructure construction in Maoming Binhai New Area, the group has actively planned its own industries by centering on the development strategy of Maoming to the sea. Combined with the location conditions of Maoming Port and the advantages of Maoming's petrochemical industry, the group has established a differentiated development path with the petrochemical warehousing industry as the pillar。At present, Maoming Port is making every effort to promote the construction of East oil products Terminal, East Chemical Terminal, Marine public management Gallery, chemical storage area, Maoming Port Center, 300,000-ton crude oil terminal and other key projects in Maoming Port, striving to create a new energy channel in the South China Sea。End of 2022,The group's total assets exceed 10 billion yuan,Holding or participating in 31 enterprises,Enterprise main credit rating AA,It has successively won honorary titles such as "Advanced Collective of Guangdong Province", "Excellent Enterprise of Guangdong Province", "Model Unit of Enterprise Culture Construction in China", "Demonstration Base of Enterprise Culture Construction in Guangdong Province", and "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization of Maoming City"。

First, campus recruitment time

2023 Campus recruitment time is from March to May, 2023. Please pay attention to the detailed schedule and arrangement of university information conference on the official website。

(1) Guangzhou Station: South China Normal University;

(2) Xi 'an Station: Xi 'an Shiyou University;

(3) Wuhan Station: Wuhan University of Technology;

Two, the recruitment target 

Full-time regular universities 2022, 2023 undergraduate and master (PhD) graduate students。

Iii. Recruitment conditions and job requirements

The applicant shall have the following basic conditions:

1.The applicant has a good academic record, no violation record, no bad habits, good physical condition, hard-working, able to work under pressure;

2.The graduates are progressive in thinking, the pursuit of progress, law-abiding, good conduct, have a strong sense of responsibility and service consciousness;

3.Graduates should have solid professional theoretical knowledge and good communication skills, strong practical ability, social work, internship experience, project work experience is preferred。

See Annex 1 for details of the positions being advertised。

4. Welfare benefits

(I) The salary and welfare of the recruited graduates shall be implemented according to the salary and welfare standard of the Group employees, and shall pay five social insurance and two funds according to regulations, enjoy free working meals, free commuting car, paid annual leave, annual health examination, holiday welfare materials, labor security benefits, birthday cake coupons, holidays stipulated by the state and other welfare benefits。

(II) Those who conform to the regulations of the city's relevant talent policies can enjoy the relevant subsidies。

V. Registration Methods and requirements

(1) Online registration。Registration is open from now until March 19。Applicants are required to package and compress the registration form (see Attachment 2 of the Recruitment Notice on the Group's official website) and the scanned copies of relevant materials and send them to cmmport@163.com and indicate "name + university + intended position"。Relevant materials include:

1.Personal resume;

2.Graduate employment recommendation Form (fresh graduates);

3.Graduation certificate and degree certificate (job-seeking graduates);

4.College transcripts;

6.Certificates, awards and commendations, etc。

One copy of the registration form and related materials (A4 paper) is required for interview review。

(2) On-site delivery, information session (double selection session) on-site registration, except for the registration form, other documents provided are the same as email registration。

6. Interview Requirements

(I) The recruitment announcement will be published through the official website of the university and the official website of the university. Graduates who are interested in applying for the job should prepare all the relevant materials according to the requirements and attend the interview place within the specified time。

(2) To participate in the interview, the applicant must bring the original and photocopy of his/her ID card, academic transcript, foreign language score certificate, vocational certificate, resume, recognition and other relevant certification materials. If the information of school, major, education, graduation time, foreign language score and other information is untrue or does not meet the recruitment conditions, the interview qualification will be cancelled。

(III) The Group will select the best candidates according to the interview results。

Vii. Contract employment

(I) The proposed candidate shall sign an employment agreement with the graduates after being approved by the Group。

(II) The signed graduates should go through the registration procedures in the Group within the specified time. If they fail to register after the deadline, they will be regarded as automatically giving up the recruitment qualification。The group will check the graduation certificate, degree certificate, employment registration certificate and other relevant materials of the registered graduates. If the materials are incomplete, false and do not meet the recruitment conditions, the recruitment qualification will be cancelled。

Viii. Contact information

Contact: Ms. Huang 0668-3385519 13728656548

Recruitment email: cmmport@163.com。

Group's official website: http://www.careresearchindia.com/index.asp

Job Posting website: http://www.careresearchindia.com/hr.asp

Office address: Fortune Plaza, Zhanbei Sixth Road, Maoming City, Guangdong Province

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Maoming Port Group Co. LTD   
March 11, 2023    

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