Labor creates happiness and women build dreams in a new era

Maoming Port Group organized outdoor activities on March 8, 2023 for International Working Women's Day


近日,To celebrate 2023 "March 8" International Working Women's Day,Enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female employees of the group,To further mobilize the enthusiasm of the group's female workers,To promote the group's high-quality development contribution of women's strength,The labor union of the group decided to launch outdoor activities for female employees with the theme of "Labor creates happiness and women build dreams in a new era.。

Female workers visited the beautiful Cherry Blossom Park, Garden Village and Hedi Reservoir in Lianjiang City respectively, fully experiencing the happiness and sense of gain brought by the construction of beautiful countryside under the national rural revitalization strategy to local people。

Activity period,Female workers stroll along the Cherry Blossom Avenue in Yanjiang's Cherry Blossom Park,The faint scent of cherry blossoms,Pink cherry blossoms swaying gently in the breeze,让大家猎得了一园春色;接着来到响应国家乡村振兴战略开发的大型田园综合体田园寨景点,Here beautiful scenery, unique pastoral scenery constitute a beautiful landscape map,让人心旷神怡;最后,Female workers go to Lianjiang Hedi Reservoir, a provincial patriotism education base in Guangdong province,Visited this full of red genes, condensing countless working people's efforts of the great project,Employees of the kind of ancestors to overcome all difficulties, hard struggle of admiration arises spontaneously,They got a lot of thumbs up。

In one after another in the sound of joy activities successfully ended, we took a group photo together, will be happy。This activity, let the group female workers feel the care and warmth, further mobilize the enthusiasm of work。We have said in the future work will continue to implement the Party's 20 spirit, women play the role of "half the sky", with the courage to assume responsibility, face the difficulties of determination, more full of mental state into the group's high quality development。(Guo Fuyu)

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