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Group held the first quarter of 2023 labor competition mobilization meeting


In order to implement the spirit of the Municipal work conference and achieve the "acceleration" of development, Maoming Port Group held a labor competition mobilization meeting in the first quarter of 2023 on January 17, "Dream of Great Port, Beauty of Labor"。Group Party Secretary, Chairman Wang Zhihua attended the meeting and speech。Group Party Committee deputy secretary, President Xiao Bingzhang presided over the meeting, group team members and group organs, employee representatives of subordinate enterprises to attend the meeting。

The meeting read out the Labor Competition Program of Maoming Port Group in the first quarter of 2023, made arrangements for the labor competition, and defined the competition time, task objectives, requirements and other contents。

Wang Zhihua in-depth analysis of the situation and tasks facing the group, and put forward several requirements for labor competition activities: first, anchor the goal, strive to be first。各单位要加强组织,细化目标任务,压实工作责任,以“开局即决战、起步即冲刺”的奋进姿态奋力实现目标任务;二要找准差距,凝聚合力。各单位要增强危机感、紧迫感和责任感,坚持问题导向,整合各方优势资源,形成强大工作合力,推动重点难点问题有效解决;三要严防死守,安全生产。All units should firmly establish the concept of safe development, consolidate the main responsibility, strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, and ensure the smooth development of labor competitions with practical and effective production safety measures。

He emphasized,Group to carry out labor competition is an important measure to implement the work deployment of municipal Party committee and municipal government,Is to achieve "a good start,"The key gripper,All units should raise awareness,Further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of work,Take out the courage to chew hard bones, dare to work hard, dare to pick a heavy burden of courage,Overcome all difficulties and obstacles,We promoted the success of labor competitions,Strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development of the group。

At the Pep meeting, the representatives of the participating units made a statement respectively。Everyone said that they would take the labor competition as an opportunity, carry forward the spirit of nails, work hard, overcome difficulties, with the determination to win, to push forward the work, resolutely complete the goal of the first quarter of 2023。(Chen Libing)

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