New Year's greetings to send blessings cold warm heart

Group leaders to carry out visiting activities on the eve of the Spring Festival


The 2023 Spring Festival is coming. In order to create a harmonious social environment and strong festival atmosphere, the Party Committee of Maoming Port Group carried out Spring Festival visit and sympathy activities from January 12 to 18。Group members, the group's trade union and the responsible person of the subordinate enterprises respectively led the team to visit the group's party members in need, veteran party members, workers in need, retired veteran cadres, rural revitalization of the support town in need and the group's support village in need, to send them the group Party Committee's caring greetings and New Year's greetings。

On January 17, Wang Zhihua, Party secretary and chairman of the group, led a team to the home of the retired veteran party cadre Li Bao to visit and sympathize, and sent him condolence goods and money。During the meeting, Wang Zhihua had a cordial conversation with Li Bao, recalling the past, talking about the present and chatting with him, knowing his physical condition, family and life in detail, thanking him for his contribution to the development of the group, and sending him sincere greetings and heartfelt wishes。

On January 17, Xiao Bingzhang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Group, visited Huang Qijin and Deng Hanbo and He Ye, poverty-stricken party members of CPC Wanggang Company, and sent them condolence goods, condolence money, cordial greetings and sincere wishes。At the same time, I listened carefully to their voices, understood their practical difficulties, encouraged them to build up the courage and confidence to overcome difficulties, and told the labor union of the group to do a good job in helping them。

1月18日,Yang Chaocan, member of the Party Committee, vice president and chairman of the trade union of the Group, led a team to visit Yang Xiaoping and Wen Quanlian, party members in difficulty of the port management company,Send them condolence goods, condolence money,Listened carefully to their difficult demands and wishes,Told them to have faith in life,New Year greetings and best wishes。

1月16日,Chen Jun, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and Inspector of Maoming Port Group, led a team to Shalang Town, Dianbai District, which is assisted by Maoming Port Group in rural revitalization, to carry out the Spring Festival visit and condolence activities,To understand the basic situation of people in need,And asked the town cadres to cooperate with the town government to implement every policy to benefit the people,Let people in need feel the warmth they deserve。

1月18日,Group Party committee member, chief engineer CAI Guangzhang led the team to send the first secretary to help the village of Nanmentou village to visit the needy people,They sent them rice, cooking oil and other gifts,Get to know their basics in detail,Told the first secretary in the village to do the work fine, solid, good,We should always pay close attention to the lives of people in need,Make solid efforts to achieve practical results,Use your heart to solve problems。

1月12日,Group Vice President Zhu Guangyu,Li Yuqi, assistant president of the Group, visited Zhang Ligao, a member of CPC Wanggang Company,Difficult workers Zhu Huawu and Zeng Qiwen,Send them condolence goods, condolence money,Ask them kindly about their life and work,They were told to put on clothes to keep warm in winter,Bring them the warmth of the party。The person in charge of the subordinate enterprise led the team to visit the difficult workers and retired veteran cadres, to send sincere sympathy and concern。On the way to fulfill the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, Maoming Port Group keeps on walking, organizing visits and assistance activities during major festivals。In the future, the Party Committee of the Group will continue to bear in mind the mission and carry it out, insisting on carrying out regular visits and condolence activities to bring the warmth of the Party and the care of the organization to the general staff and workers。(Guo Fuyu)

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