Maoming Port Group trade union to carry out first aid science knowledge lectures


In order to improve the general staff basic first aid skills and self-rescue and mutual rescue ability, according to the city health Bureau notice spirit, combined with the group staff health culture month work deployment。On November 22, the labor union of the Group invited Liang Yuqiang, director of the emergency Department of Maoming People's Hospital, to the group to give a lecture on emergency science knowledge of "Kindness Lecture Hall • Health Lecture Hall"。

The lectures are conducted in a combination of theoretical teaching and practical operation,Liang Yuqiang starts with cases in life,The symptoms of trauma, poisoning, drowning, cardiac arrest, airway foreign body and first aid techniques were explained in detail,It encourages people to be the "first witness" to an accident or injury,Implement correct and effective first aid methods,Provide immediate assistance to the sick and injured,Prime time for a valuable rescue opportunity。After the theoretical lecture, Liang Yuqiang demonstrated correct cardiopulmonary compression and artificial respiration by simulating rubber human instruments, and instructed the staff to do it by hand。The lecture, with its simple, entertaining and practical teaching and training methods, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the staff to learn and won wide praise from the staff。

The lecture let the staff master the basic knowledge and skills of emergency rescue, but also enhance the sense of awe for life, enhance the awareness of self-protection and rescue, and promote everyone to consciously practice the concept of civilized and healthy life, hard work, happy life。

A total of more than 60 employees from departments and subordinate enterprises of the group attended the lecture。(Chen Libing)

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