Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area 300,000-ton crude oil terminal projectThe third public announcement of environmental impact assessment


The environmental impact assessment report of the 300,000-ton crude oil Terminal project in Bohe New Port Area of Maoming Port has been completed, and the third public announcement of the environmental impact assessment is now carried out:

I. Methods and channels for checking the Environmental Impact Statement:

1. The public can view the electronic version of the EIA report in the attachment at the back of the website。

2. The public can contact the construction unit by email, telephone, letter and other means, and ask the construction unit to consult the paper report。

2. The scope and main matters of the public consultation

The scope of this public opinion solicitation is mainly Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, including the units and individuals directly or indirectly affected by the project and those concerned about the project construction。

The main matters for soliciting opinions are as follows: Suggestions and opinions related to the environmental impact of the project and environmental protection measures。

3. Network connection of public comment form

The network link is


4. Ways and means for the public to express their opinions

The public may, by letter, E-mail, fax and other means, feedback the completed public opinion form to the construction unit within the prescribed time, and express their opinions and suggestions related to the environmental impact of the construction project。

Construction unit: Maoming Petrochemical Bohe Port Terminal Co., LTD

Correspondence Address: Room 209, 2nd Floor, Bohe Xingang Planning Exhibition Center Building, Lingjiao Village, Diancheng Town, Dianbai District, Maoming City, 525400

Contact: Yue Xiaogong

Contact number: 0668-3385680


5. The starting and ending time for public comments

The feedback time of this public opinion is 10 working days from the date of this announcement。

Relevant attachments:Environmental Assessment Report of Maoming Bohe 300,000-ton Crude Oil Terminal (Public notice)The public reference is a single book

Announcement unit: Maoming Petrochemical Bohe Port Terminal Co., LTD

September 8, 2022

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