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Maoming Port Group Party Committee to carry out Spring Festival condolences activities


From January 21 to 27, the Party Committee of Maoming Port Group carried out Spring Festival condolences activities。Group Party committee team members, the group trade union and the person in charge of the subordinate enterprises respectively led the team to visit the group difficult party members, difficult workers, retired veteran party members and the group hanging point to help the village difficult people, to send them to the group Party Committee's caring greetings and Spring Festival wishes。

On January 26, Wang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, Yang Chaocan, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the Group, visited Li Bao, a retired veteran party member, and sent him condolence goods and money。At Li Bao's home, Wang Zhihua inquired about his health and living conditions, thanked him for his contribution to the development of the group, and sent him sincere greetings and heartfelt wishes。

1月26日,Group deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Xiao Bingzhang led the group trade union related personnel to the home of the sick worker Zhu Huawu to visit and sympathize,Send him condolence goods and money,Encourage him to have a positive attitude,Palliative treatment,Firm confidence to overcome the disease,And told the group trade union to do a good job of help。

On January 21, CAI Guangzhang, a member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the Group, led a team to Bohe Village and Nanmentou Village, the village where the first secretary of the group was dispatched to help people in need。In the villages of Boca and Nanmentou,CAI Guangzhang visited the group to help the village poor people,They were asked in detail about their economic sources, production increases and income,People in need should be encouraged to strengthen their confidence,Work with helping cadres,Live a good life as soon as possible,And to 82 families in need of rice, cooking oil and other condolence goods,Season's greetings and New Year's wishes to them。

From January 27 to 28, leaders of the trade union of the Group and affiliated enterprises led a team to visit party members in need, workers in need and the poor people in the villages below the group's key points to help them, bringing warmth to the Party。

It is reported that the Party Committee of the group, the trade union attaches great importance to the work to help the poor, shoulder the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, always concerned about the poor workers, the life of the masses, do everything possible to help them solve problems, every major festival, are organized to visit and help activities, for them to bring the warmth of the party and the care of the organization。In 2022, during the Spring Festival, the Party Committee of the Group visited and consoled 10 party members in need, workers in need and retired veteran party members, and visited 383 people in need in the villages where the group is located。(Chen Libing)

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