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Clean culture into the project clean wind into the people

The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group promotes the clean work consultation mechanism into the clean culture joint creation and co-construction activities


To promote a culture of integrity education at the grassroots level,Further strengthen the group project construction staff clean working awareness,近日,According to the work deployment of Party style and clean government of the Group Party Committee and the "1+4+1+N" work layout of the Group Commission for Discipline Inspection,The Discipline inspection Commission of the Group, the Discipline inspection Commission of South Company of China Construction Seventh Bureau, the construction unit of Maoming Port Center project, and Guangxi Citic Hengtai Company, the supervision unit, held the launching ceremony of joint construction and construction of clean culture demonstration site,It is a good start and a good step for the clean work of the Port center project to be promoted at the grassroots level。Tan Yaofen, member of the Party Working Committee of Binhai New Area and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wu Anxiong, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, attended the meeting for guidance。Chen Jun, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and Ombudsman of the Group, CAI Guangzhang, member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the Group, leaders in charge of discipline inspection and supervision of the participating units, project leaders, and members of the related groups of the clean culture joint creation and co-construction activity attended this launching activity。

Tan Yaofen fully affirmed this activity, and put forward three requirements for the participants: first, to improve awareness and create a clean atmosphere。All parties to the project construction should take the joint creation and co-construction activities of clean culture as an opportunity,In accordance with the "grasp business must grasp clean" requirements,We have always firmly grasped and shouldered the main responsibility of building integrity,Incorporate into the overall work of project management,Deploy, implement, inspect and assess together with other work,Ensure that leadership, responsibility and measures are in place。Second, focus on key issues and strengthen our capacity to prevent and control risks related to integrity。We should focus on the investigation of key links, strengthen accurate supervision and management of the "key minority", and strive to form a clean risk prevention and control mechanism that takes posts as the point, systems as the line, and institutions as the surface。Third, strengthen supervision and pay attention to the role of punishment and deterrence。All parties to the project construction should focus on the corruption-prone areas in the project construction process, find the tendency and the emergence of problems, and initiate a joint meeting or working consultation mechanism to discuss, investigate and deal with the non-action and disorderly action, and timely report to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and work。Fourth, exercise power prudently and resolutely implement institutional norms。All parties involved in the project construction should adhere to the principle of daring and managing, focusing on the standardization of system implementation, and paying close attention to the decision-making system of "important matters" of the project and the implementation process of system organization。Fifth, we should do a good job in education and build a strong defense line against corruption and change。The project of Maoming Harbor Administration Center should take the temporary Party branch of the project as the carrier, strengthen the education of integrity, combine typical education with warning education, and constantly strengthen the shock and awe of not daring to corrupt, the restriction of not being corrupt, and the consciousness of not wanting to corrupt。

Chen Jun said that the Maoming Port Group Commission for Discipline Inspection implemented the work requirements of "three transformation and three no" in accordance with the plan of the Maoming Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision on the reform of the discipline inspection system of the municipal management enterprises, made clear the work goal of "adding extra points to the Party and contributing to the development of the enterprise", and established the work layout of "1+4+1+N"。He stressed that all participating units should establish a dynamic mechanism of risk points and prevention and control measures for clean government and dynamic management of clean government files of key posts, so as to effectively implement clean government construction。He proposed three suggestions to the participants: First, we should have a deep understanding of the importance of clean risk prevention and control in the field of engineering construction。The field of project construction is the key field with high incidence of corruption and easy occurrence. All participating units should improve their political awareness, implement the main responsibility of the construction of clean government, pay attention to the education of clean government, and take the initiative to accept supervision。Second, deepen the understanding and implementation of the "two responsibilities" in the construction of Party conduct and clean government。The temporary Party branch of the project should give full play to its organizational, educational and supervisory functions,We will conscientiously study and formulate implementation plans for joint creation and co-construction activities of clean culture,We will work hard, carefully and effectively to keep clean,Strive for practical results,坚决不走过场、摆样子;廉洁监督员切实发挥好廉洁文化联创共建机制和廉洁工作会商机制的前哨和先锋的作用,Have the courage to take responsibility,Take the initiative,Integrate daily supervision into all aspects of project construction,The discovery of emerging problems and clues should be timely reported to higher discipline inspection and supervision departments。Third, we will conduct in-depth research on the joint creation and co-construction of cultural demonstration sites and the anti-corruption consultation mechanism。All participating units should strengthen joint supervision,Create joint construction mechanism and consultation mechanism through clean culture,Share resources, build defense lines and supervise together,Move the prevention and surveillance port forward,Focus on key aspects of the project,Prevent corruption from happening,Ensure the construction project supervision in place,To achieve clean supervision of the project "nothing at both ends" (full coverage of the whole construction process, construction personnel and key links without blind spots)。

Activity period,The conference read out the Implementation Plan of Linking Clean Culture Demonstration Site and the Consultation Mechanism,The participants signed the Agreement on Liancreate Demonstration Site of Clean Culture,The representatives of all parties involved in the construction made clean commitment and clean oath,A letter of appointment was issued to the integrity supervisor of the project department,And inaugurate the brand of "Link Create UK Clean Culture Demonstration Site"。(Xiao Chengyin)

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