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Adhere to the leadership of Party building and promote high-quality development of the group

The Party Committee of Maoming Port Group held a special meeting on Party building


On the morning of January 11th,Maoming Port Group Party Committee held a special meeting on Party building,Thematic research on the Party building work of the Group,A comprehensive summary is made of the group's work of comprehensively governing the Party strictly, building the Party at the grassroots level, and building a clean and honest Party in 2020,The results and shortcomings of each work are analyzed,And to study and plan the Party building work in 2021。Liu Naiying, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, presided over the meeting. Xiao Bingzhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Yang Chaocan and Li Peng, vice presidents, and Chen Jun, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection attended the meeting。

The meeting pointed out that in the past year, guided by the Party building, the group escorted the key work of project construction, production and operation, financing management, etc., and successfully completed various tasks and objectives, becoming the first city-owned state-owned enterprise with assets exceeding 10 billion yuan。With its clean and upright atmosphere for work and entrepreneurship, the group has won the titles of "Civilized Unit of Guangdong Province 2018-2020" and "Top 100 Employees Cultural Brand of 2020" successively。

Over the past year, the group's party building work is commendable, full of characteristics and highlights, including: one is the regular party building work normalization, deep integration with the business work, "vanguard model post" "Party member points system assessment" "temporary Party branch" highlight the vanguard power, characteristic party building brand for the group work to improve quality and efficiency。Second, give full play to the role of Party branches as fighting fortresses and vanguard and exemplary Party members, scientifically prevent disease, promote efficient resumption of work and production, and realize bucking the trend of growth in production and business performance。Third, we successfully completed targeted poverty alleviation in Bohe Village and won the battle against poverty。Fourth, we successfully completed the three-year action plan for building the Party at the community level, made it a priority to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, promoted comprehensive and in-depth development of this discipline, and worked hard to create an environment for clean, clean and honest Party conduct。Fifth, the inspection of the "150-day Battle" has achieved remarkable results. Closely surrounding the core corporate culture of the group of "careful thinking, careful action, perseverance", the company has built the brand of corporate culture with characteristics of Maoming Port. The groundbreaking ceremony of three major projects and a series of activities marking the eighth anniversary of the founding of the Group have been successfully held。

After discussion and research, the Party Committee of the Group put forward new ideas for Party building work in 2021 and reached a consensus: first, adhere to the deep integration of Party building work and production and management。Taking Party building as the starting point, adhering to project construction as the center, innovating the financing mode, focusing on operation and management, and promoting high-quality development of Maoming Port Group。Second, we will improve all rules and regulations, adhere to the principle of using systems to manage power, acting in accordance with systems, and managing personnel by systems, and continue to institutionalize, standardize, and make Party building in the bloc more scientific。Third, we will continue to promote the building of a clean and honest Party, fulfill the main responsibilities, practice honesty, strengthen oversight and accountability, and build a clean and honest political environment。

会议强调,Adhere to the leadership of Party building and promote high-quality development of the group,以实实在在的港口建设成果向伟大的中国共产党100周年华诞献礼!(吴超)

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