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Maoming Port Group Party Committee to carry out grassroots party building research activities


Recently, the Party Committee leadership of Maoming Port Group went to the Party branches of the group to carry out research activities on grassroots Party building。Through research, the group Party Committee leadership in-depth understanding of the party branch in the standardization of the construction of the work situation and existing difficult problems, carefully listen to the suggestions of grassroots party members, jointly study the solution to the problems and measures。

Group Party Committee leadership respectively to hang point contact party branch held research symposium。Research meeting,Each Party branch secretary introduced the basic situation of the party branch,And around the characteristics of the Party building in the first half of the year, the construction of a clean and honest Party, the full implementation of strict Party governance, ideological work responsibility system and other work, problems and difficulties in the work, the second half of the party building ideas, constructive comments and suggestions were summarized。The leadership of the Party Committee listened to the aspirations and appeals of many party workers, and they went deep into the specific words, looking for problems, looking for good solutions。 

Liu Naiying, Party secretary and chairman of the Group, affirmed the party building work of the Party branch of the group。He pointed out that the Party branch really realized the party building work and business work "with the same frequency resonance, synchronous advance" pattern, the party building work clear ideas, effective measures, solid and effective, the work experience is worth promoting and learning。他强调,党的十八大以来,中央高度重视党建引领,明确提出了党领导一切;习近平总书记在十九大报告中提到的“十四个坚持”中明确表示,新时期党的工作是一切工作的核心。Party branches of government organs should consolidate Party building at the grassroots level,We will strengthen the implementation of principal responsibilities,健全支部工作规范;要切实把全面从严治党向纵深发展落实到位,Adhere to problem orientation,强化责任担当;要持续凝练党建特色工作,The use of new forms, new means to eliminate the characteristics of the Party building work is not "special" phenomenon,Actively carry out the characteristic work of Party building in line with the actual situation of the organ,We will speed up efforts to build the port of Maoming into a new maritime energy channel。

Xiao Bingzhang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, fully affirmed the role of Party branch of CPC King Port Company in epidemic prevention and control work。He required that the CPC King Port Company branch should carry out the party building work deeply into the team, actively overcome the impact of the epidemic, transform the results of the party building work into real production and management results, continue to carry out the demonstration of the party branch construction, and strive to create an influential and distinctive party building brand。

Group Party committee member, Vice President Yang Chaocan participated in the development of the company's party branch research panel stressed,The development company is the main force to carry out the construction of key projects of the Group,We must continue to guide Party building,Make unremitting efforts to strengthen the positive wind and discipline,We will promote the improvement of our work style from the surface to the development of depth,Accelerate the construction of key projects of the Group in an entrepreneurial environment of Fengqingqi。

Group Party committee member, vice president Li Peng in listening to the port operation company's general Party branch after the request,We should do a good job in ideological and political education,Strengthen ideological work,Strictly implement the ideological work responsibility system,We will give full play to the role of primary-level Party organizations as fighting fortresses and the exemplary vanguard role of Party members,Drive work enthusiasm with party spirit,Get rid of backward ideas and thoughts,Further stimulate the internal driving force of enterprise development。

During the investigation, the research team also inspected the Party building publicity board of each party branch to get a detailed understanding of the work of party affairs disclosure and party building thematic publicity。(Cao Xiaolin)

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