"Two studies and one action" learning education in Maoming City
Briefing issue 11


Municipal "Two learning and one action" learning and education work promotion conference

Excerpts of speech materials (II)


Strengthen daily education to improve service ability

Maonan District Xinpo Town Chetian Village Party branch


Chetian Village under the jurisdiction of 6 natural villages, a total of 291 households 987 people, 61 Party members。Since the development of "two learning and one doing" learning education, Chetian Village Party branch in strict accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities, seriously carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education, achieve true learning and practice, knowledge and practice integration, achieve certain actual results。In recent years, Chetian Village has been rated as "National Civilized Village", "National democracy and rule of law Model Village", "Guangdong Province Civilized Village" and "Guangdong Province Health Village", this year "July 1" was awarded the city's "Advanced grassroots Party Organization" honorary title。The main practices are:


First, based on learning, enhance the pertinence of learning education。First, highlight key learning。Take the practice of learning first, learning a little deeper,带领党员对习近平总书记系列讲话精神和中央、省、市“Two studies and one action”学习教育方案进行学习,Focused on studying the General Secretary's important speech on people's livelihood, economy and social governance,Related documents issued by the superior, such as preferential policies for agriculture, targeted poverty alleviation, and grassroots governance,And rural practical laws and regulations。The second is the combination of practical learning。In view of the rural party members' busy farm work, difficult to concentrate on learning characteristics, Party branches make full use of the distance education network information platform can be flexible repeated, on-demand advantage, with the platform as the position open to the majority of party members, with learning, so that different levels of different regions of the party members to do the work, study and education of both mistakes。At the same time, we carried out thematic studies such as "Listen to rich Party members talk about getting rich, seek common development and create Home Business", "I have a promise to Villagers", and organized all Party members to talk about their understanding and experience on how to be qualified Party members with "four lectures and four achievements"。The third is problem learning。In order to remove the cap of "gambling village" and brake the unhealthy trend of gambling, the Party branch seized the opportunity of "two learning and one doing" learning and education, and organized party members to carry out the "three home" learning and education activities, so as to send the knowledge of law to home, grasp the usage of law and implement the responsibility of abiding by the law。In addition, the village "two committee" group members will also be the village of the delinquent young concentrated in their own home, with them to eat and live together, inculcation, until they wake up, correct。In the village party members' words and deeds, taking the lead and demonstration, Chetian Village has successfully removed the "gambling village" hat。


Second, pay attention to innovation, improve the quality of learning and education。First, innovate learning methods。On the basis of traditional learning models such as centralized learning in Party members' assembly and flexible decentralized learning in branches,Make full use of distance education platform,召集村里的在家党员积极参与到学习教育中来;建立了“Two studies and one action”QQ群和微信群,A mobile learning platform has been built for young and outgoing party members,Make learning education break the limit of time and space。Second, innovate learning content。It adopts the traditional way of learning the original, reading the original and understanding the principles, and carries out solid study and carefully takes notes。In terms of learning content, it highlights practicability, and increases practical technology, labor skills and practical legal knowledge related to the production and development of the people in Chetian Village, poverty alleviation and getting rich。Third, we will innovate the way of publicity。Actively communicate with the town "two learning and one doing" learning and education coordination group, the use of party newspapers and periodicals, TV, Internet, propaganda bars and other traditional ways to carry out publicity, on both sides of the village road and village committee office building hanging propaganda banners, to the party members of the masses distributed pocket books, pamphlets, etc., to create a good learning atmosphere。   


3. Combine learning with application to improve the effectiveness of learning and education。"Two learning and one doing" learning and education focus in change, we adhere to the "three combination" and strive to achieve results。First, combined with the work of the Central Committee, it effectively promoted economic and social development。We will continue to combine learning and education with central work such as building beautiful villages and targeted poverty alleviation and eradication to improve our ability to serve the people and improve the effectiveness of learning and education。In recent years,The Party branch develops the collective economy, guides the villagers to raise money by themselves, invites the villager to donate money and so on,Chetian Primary School, Chetian Kindergarten, library and cultural activity center will be built with an investment of about 10 million yuan,We will harden roads in every village,Build a video surveillance network,Building village health service stations open 24 hours a day,建成储运仓库2万多平方米;先后引进企业13家,More than 200 jobs have been created,The annual output value is more than 90 million,Increase the village collective annual income of more than 2 million yuan,The average annual income of villagers is 12,000 yuan,Chetan transformed from backward village to veritable "Rich Village" in Maoming area。The second is to combine with the party members of the village system, better solve the problems of the masses。Party branches have formulated and implemented a system of joint village and household registration for Party members,We will implement the "four guarantees",That is, package to help solve difficulties, package to help get rich and start a business, package to implement various policies, package villagers abide by the law,Each of the 61 party members in the village was asked to contact four households,At the same time, the contact card of Party members will be hung at the door of the masses,And indicate the name, telephone number and service commitment of the party member。Since the implementation of the system, the party members of the household sincerely, help help the heart, has helped the people of the household to solve the city Hexi sewage treatment plant project and MaoZhan railway project land acquisition left over problems, help Ke Huaxing more than 70 households on the road to grow rich。党员许柏群用心为包户离异夫妇奔走调解,最终说服双方欢喜复婚;柯东焕多方努力发起捐款,为贫困户杨秀清新建住房,解决住宿难题;外出创业老党员柯亚水招收了车田100多名村民进厂工作,帮助村民实现就业。Third, it should be combined with the establishment of rules and regulations to cement good practices and experience。We will consolidate the achievements of learning and education as an important part of the institutional reform of deepening Party building, focus on building institutions and rules, focus on daily and long-term efforts, and gradually establish and improve a long-term learning and education mechanism of "two studies and one action"。Recently, we sorted out and standardized the system of "three meetings and one lesson", the system of Party and mass joint meetings, the system of group joint meetings and other related systems, and included the implementation of these systems in the review and assessment of the Party building responsibility system。


Next, we will continue to study, do, change on the continuous force, constantly enhance the cohesion of the party branch, strive to enhance the ability of party members to serve the masses, to promote the "two learning and one doing" learning education normalization, long-term。




Learn to promote the integration of knowledge and practice

To ensure that learning and education to catch practical results

Municipal Chamber of Commerce of Private Enterprises Party Committee


Maoming Private Enterprise Chamber of Commerce has more than 2,000 member enterprises。The Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce has jurisdiction over 1 general Party branch, 25 Party branches and 226 Party members。This year, the Party Committee of the civil enterprise Chamber of Commerce firmly grasp the important opportunity to carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education, adhere to "learn" in "do", "do" in "learn", and do to promote learning to do, integration of knowledge and practice, to ensure that learning education to catch the real place to see the effect。


First, strengthen the "three foundations" to ensure full participation


First, strengthen the organizational foundation。In view of the scattered party organizations under the jurisdiction, the party members work busy actual, the chamber of Commerce Party committee to establish and improve the "Party committee - Party branch - Party group" level management mechanism, and with sufficient party affairs, to ensure that each branch of the learning education is responsible for。To carry out the "four search" activities of "Party members looking for organizations, organizations looking for members, organizations looking for organizations, Party members looking for members", and strive to cover all educational objects and zero omissions。On this basis, the Chamber of Commerce Party Committee has not yet met the conditions to set up a party branch of the member enterprises, in accordance with the principle of the nearest implementation to the existing party branch as a contact unit, to ensure the full enrollment of learning and education。Second, strengthen the ideological foundation。Timely conveyed the spirit of the central, provincial and municipal meetings to the Party committee and Party branch secretaries of the company, established a study and education coordination group and supervision group headed by the Party secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, formulated and issued the Implementation Plan of "Two Studies and One Action" Study and Education for the Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Private Enterprises in Maoming based on the actual situation of private enterprises.。In addition to Party branch secretaries and Party members, the participants also invited the bosses of some member enterprises to attend the mobilization meeting, so as to unify the thoughts and actions of all aspects of the chamber of Commerce with the central government's deployment and requirements。Third, we strengthened the institutional foundation。The "five ones" learning system has been established,Grassroots party branches are required to organize a weekly branch study meeting,Organize a communication meeting every two months,Hold a special lecture every month,Organize a seminar every quarter,每半年至少组织一次党课;每名党员每天学习一小时,Attend an organizational life once a week,Write a report every half month,Make a work proposal once a month,Identify a problem quarterly and correct it。According to statistics, since the development of learning education, the Chamber of Commerce Party committee system has organized more than 100 learning sessions (times), and all party members have learned more than 15,000 hours in total。


2. Implement the "Three Measures" to ensure the learning effect


First, implement safeguard measures。商会党委向全体党员发放了《巴黎人直营注册》、《巴黎人直营注册》、《巴黎人直营注册》等学习资料和党徽等,保障党员学习的必要资料。At the same time, actively strive for the support of business owners, to ensure the necessary expenditure of learning and education。Second, we will implement exemplary measures。Adhere to the leadership, the above rate, the establishment of learning education Party committee team members contact point system, each party member contact 2-3 party branches, through the Party secretary with members, members with branch, branch secretary with party members model, the formation of layers of demonstration, level by level to drive participation in learning education good situation。截至目前,党委班子成员讲党课9次,到基层党组织指导100多次;各党支部书记也纷纷带头学、带头讲,在“七一”期间广泛开展了讲党课活动。Third, implement learning measures。Large mobility of party members,Focus on learning difficulties and other problems,Actively innovating the "Internet + Party building" learning platform,The establishment of Party committee wechat group, QQ group,Upload the "two learning and one doing" learning materials to wechat group in time,Let Party members study anytime and anywhere through the Internet and mobile phones,Communicate in a timely manner,Enhance Party members' enthusiasm for learning,To ensure that the foundation of learning education is solid, complete knowledge,Promote orderly。The Party Branch of Maoming International Travel Service Co., Ltd. sets up a QQ group specially for party members and regularly sends the learning content of "Two studies and one action" to encourage party members to exchange learning experiences and improve their ideological understanding through mutual discussion。At the same time, the "Two learning and one doing" speech contest was held. The majority of Party members actively participated in the contest and talked about their learning experiences, which set off a small upsurge in learning and education。


3. Adhere to the "three combinations" and fulfill the commitments made 


The Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of private enterprises firmly grasps the basic requirement of "learning the basics and doing the key", pays attention to promoting doing by learning and doing while learning, and tries to form the overall effect of delivering power, overall linkage and integration of knowledge and practice。First, adhere to study and education and give full play to the advanced nature of Party members。广大党员联系各自工作岗位和思想实际,认真学习党章党规,深入领会习总书记系列重要讲话的基本要求,做到对准问题学,带着问题改,勇作为敢担当。Second, adhere to the combination of learning and education with the development of service enterprises。Integrate learning and education with promoting the production and operation activities of enterprises organically, and guide Party members to take the lead in learning skills, enhancing competence and creating excellence in their own positions by carrying out "job dedication" activities, setting up responsibility areas and vanguard posts for Party members, etc., so as to achieve "excellent job skills and performance".。Third, we must combine learning and education with social responsibility。On May 20, this year, Xinyi City suffered from rare floods, the Chamber of Commerce Party Committee and affiliated branches immediately mobilized, launched under the Party organizations, enterprises and entrepreneurs donated materials for disaster relief, a total of 6 cars donated relief materials, the donation of 275,420 yuan, by the disaster area people highly praise。In the fundraising of Maoshang Fund, Party organizations at all levels of the Chamber of Commerce carefully planned and party bosses took the lead in participating, and a total of more than 2 million yuan was raised as development funds。When a worker of Maoming Petrochemical Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd. fell seriously ill, the Party branch immediately organized activities to help the worker overcome the disease. Party members took the lead in donating blood and a total of 74,680 yuan。


In the next step, the Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of private enterprises will, under the correct leadership of the municipal committee, further innovate the ideas of work, strengthen the supervision and guidance of the party branches, promote the party members to learn from the problems, to solve the problems, so that all students learn, change in place, do better。

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