"Two studies and one action" learning education in Maoming City
Briefing issue 10


Editor's note: July 14,Municipal Committee held the "two studies and one action" learning and education work promotion meeting,进一步深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于“Two studies and one action”学习教育重要指示、刘云山同志近日在广东视察调研时的重要讲话以及省“Two studies and one action”学习教育工作推进会精神,Review and summarize work,Exchange experience,Study and deploy the next phase of work。At the meeting, Shuidong Bay New City Party Working Committee and other 4 units exchanged experience and practices。Now excerpt 4 units speech materials, for all units around the learning reference。


Municipal "Two learning and one action" learning and education work promotion conference

Excerpts of speech Materials (I)


Work hard on "learning" and see action on "doing"

Party Working Committee of Shuidong Bay New City


According to the central, provincial and municipal party committee,The Party Working Committee of Shuidong Bay New City takes "two learning and one doing" learning and education as an opportunity,Work on learning,See action in Doing,To test the effectiveness of "two studies and one action" learning and education of Party members and cadres with the speed of key project construction,To achieve both learning education and promoting work, two promotion。This year has won the provincial and municipal "Advanced grassroots Party Organization" honorary title。The main practices are:


First, highlight the word "live" to grasp learning。First, the leading group takes the lead。"Two studies and one action" learning and education-related learning as the normal agenda of the Party Working committee meeting, each time to determine a theme, to carry out concentrated learning, group members take the lead in speaking。At the same time, the team members to develop personal learning plans, clear the required reading and time requirements, do a good job of personal self-study, carefully write the experience, for the new city Party cadres set a benchmark。Second, the grass-roots branch centralized learning。In combination with Party group meetings and Party members' congresses, Party members are encouraged to concentrate, deepen and study systematics through reading by branch secretaries, expert guidance and special reports。We will distribute study and teaching materials, clarify the requirements for self-study by party members, and encourage them to learn chapter by chapter and article by article。Third, build platform innovation。Set up "brainstorming Forum", "contention Lecture" and other learning platforms, held every two weeks (Monday evening), by the new city leaders, department heads, staff or invited experts and professors to give lectures, so far carried out 12 sessions, establish a brand。On the other hand, learning platforms have been built in the new town OA, website and wechat for all Party members, cadres and employees to choose their own courses。


Second, highlighting the word "solid" to promote development。In the face of the new situation, new situation, new problems, the Party Working Committee led the new City Party cadres consciously practice "two learning and one doing", closely around the project, firmly focus on the project, pay close attention to the progress of the work, form a set of new city working mechanism, effectively lead the development of the new city。One is "project first" as the strategic orientation, in accordance with the "meeting + no implementation = zero" "layout + no inspection = zero" work ideas, has carried out the "traffic battle", spring "sprint 60 days" and the beginning of the year "dry 120 days" and other project competitions, forming a strong atmosphere of project construction than learning to catch up。The second is to establish a working mechanism of "one patrol and one exchange a day, one meeting a week and one supervision" and "one shot a day, one wechat, one report a text message a day", holding an on-site meeting every two weeks to check the work progress in real time to ensure orderly progress and completion on schedule。At the same time, the team leaders were arranged to hook up key projects on a one-to-one basis, and special project leaders were arranged to closely track the whole process of the project, to ensure that the responsibility to the people, supervision in place。We will carry out six forms of supervision and accountability, such as reminding conversations and ordering reviews, and crack down on "inaction, slow action and disorderly action".。Third, the parallel examination and approval system is implemented, so that multiple examination and approval links can be carried out simultaneously, so as to achieve the "seamless connection" of the examination and approval process, minimize the examination and approval time, ensure the legal construction and compliance of the project, and ensure the project progress is accelerated。In addition, through the establishment of integration methods among department cadres, heart-to-heart talk system, etc., enhance the sense of identity, responsibility and honor of Party cadres, gather the centripetal force of cadres, improve the executive force。


3. Highlight the word "strict" to ensure integrity。The Party Working Committee takes "two studies and one action" learning education as an opportunity to strengthen the study and education of all Party members and cadres on the construction of Party style and clean government, and strives to forge a team of Party members and cadres who want to do something, can do something and can do something without accidents。First, in view of the large number of projects and large amount of capital in the new town, the Discipline Inspection Committee and the integrity Office were established in a timely manner to implement professional supervision。Make manuals for prevention and control of departmental and individual clean government risks, one by one, to keep alert。A system of clean government supervisors has been established for major projects to exercise all-round supervision。Second, we will establish an internal audit system to strictly supervise and inspect high-risk areas such as project approval, bulk procurement and financial expenditure, so as to make sure that they are early and small。The third is to carry out the "great education" of the construction of clean government. Through inviting experts from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to lead lectures, organizing Party members and cadres to visit the electric White clean government education base and to receive warning education in Huazhou Prison and other vivid education forms, the concept of clean government is rooted in the hearts of party members, establishing a clean and upright spirit and clarifying the value orientation。


Due to the exploration of effective "new city method", the changes of Shuidong Bay New City in the past three years are "visible and tangible", especially the rapid development of 18 basic public service facilities projects such as "Nine roads, one factory, two Bridges, two roads, two parks and two renovation"。全市关注的水东湾大桥已启动主墩施工;对外联系新干道——智城大道南、北段已全线贯通,高地智慧城路网的五条主干道全面铺开;慧城三街、歌美海大桥、海城西路将成为联通南海、高地的一条新纽带;滨湾路绿道、一滩东绿道、海洋公园、歌美海公园主导着新城“慢生活”;南海旅游岛道路及两侧棚户区改造、第一滩改造的实施令新城焕然一新。目前,The new city has formed a livelihood hotspot, landscape highlights and important node "three-point" project as the starting point,Waterfront leisure line, traffic landscape line and coastal tourism line "three lines" as the development axis,The spatial pattern of Highland Smart City, South China Sea tourist island and beautiful Shuidong Bay develops on three sides,A livable, business, tourism, ecological, intelligent new city has taken shape。


Next, under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the Party Working Committee of Shuidong Bay New City will closely combine the learning and education of "two studies and one action" with the promotion of key projects, strengthen investment attracting, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, constantly enrich the internal power of the development of the new city, and continue to make great strides towards the "five-year goal"。



Grasp and promote tree typical change style

We will promote in-depth learning and education under the principle of "two studies and one action"

Party Committee of Dianbai Branch of Maoming Public Security Bureau



Dianbai Branch Party Committee has jurisdiction over 3 general Party branches, 72 Party branches, with 1001 party members。Since this year, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the superior Party Committee, the Party Committee of my bureau through grasping to promote, tree typical, change style, solid promotion of "two learning and one doing" learning education in-depth development, effectively enhance the overall quality of all party members。The main practices are:


First, grasp the promotion, to ensure the solid development of learning and education。First, rapid deployment and promotion。After the city's "two learning and one doing" work conference,The Party committee of our bureau attaches great importance to it,Prompt convening of a special Party committee,专题传达学习习近平总书记关于开展“Two studies and one action”学习教育的重要指示以及中央 、省、市相关文件精神,The study set up a leading group of "two studies and one action" in learning education,The Work Program on Learning and Education of "Two Studies and One Action" has been formulated and published.,And made a study plan,Refine the learning content。On May 16, our Bureau held a conference on learning and education of "Two Studies and one action" to mobilize and deploy the overall development of "Two studies and one action" learning and education。Subsequently, the Bureau of 3 Party branches and 72 Party branches quickly acted, layer upon layer deployment, so that all party members quickly learn to do。Second, clear goals and fulfill responsibilities。In order to effectively grasp the "two learning and one doing" learning education,The Party committee of our bureau has defined the objectives and tasks of periodic thematic education,The study and education into the Party branch secretary to catch the party building work of the review and assessment and the team of the party building work of the assessment of the important content,Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities,So that leading cadres at all levels in the "two learning and one doing" learning education truly realize conscious thinking, conscious action。Third, strengthen the organization and build a strong fortress。In May this year, the Party Committee of the Bureau held a special meeting attended by the main leaders of the primary Party organizations, and detailed deployment of the organizational principles, the main process, the time arrangement and the work requirements of the primary Party organizations。At present, the three general Party branches and 72 Party branches are all replaced on schedule。


Two, the tree model, to stimulate the party members of the police strive to be a model。Bureau Party committee closely around the central work, with the advanced typical around the public security police to motivate qualified party members, further stimulate the internal power of the party members of the police to be the first to compete for excellence。One is to pay attention to the typical tree。To commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party,Twelve outstanding Party branches and 97 outstanding Communist Party members were selected and commended,Among them, police Chen Xiangqiang was rated as provincial and municipal outstanding Communist Party members,Wang Xiaotao and three other Party members of the police were rated as advanced models of Maoming Public Security Bureau "the role model around, the power to move forward",Anti - telecom fraud brigade was rated as the district advanced grassroots Party organization,Three comrades were rated as outstanding Communist Party members in the district。Through the cultivation of tree typical, effectively create than advanced, advanced learning, do advanced strong atmosphere。Second, focus on typical guidance。Seize the opportunity to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party,The learning education and advanced integration of the side,Have organized advanced typical appearance to talk about experience, lecture party lessons and make propaganda report,Educate the people around you with the things around you,To enable party members of the police to learn to set a benchmark and conduct a demonstration,Form orientation in learning education,Gather positive energy for good,Promote all Party members of the police to love their jobs and dedication to make new achievements。Third, pay attention to publicity and guidance。On the homepage of the public security network, it has set up a learning and education column of "two studies and one action", which updates the Party Constitution and Party regulations, speeches of leaders, meeting spirit and learning and education trends of each branch in a timely manner every day, opening up a learning and communication platform for all the police members。At the same time, the party branch also set up a special publicity column in the office, the advanced collective and individual deeds of the publicity report, effectively inspired all the members of the police strive to be excellent party members, strive to be the vanguard model, casting a loyal police soul。


Third, change the style of work, effectively promote the public security work。First, "talk" is used to promote reform。Combining the "two studies and one action" with the "Shark-hunting" campaign and the prominent rectification of public security problems, the government has implemented an interview system to address prominent problems, creating a good atmosphere for good action and promoting the effectiveness of public security work。On June 1, 2007, the progress of anti-drug effect in our district was slow. In order to effectively promote the work, we interviewed, encouraged and urged the directors of 10 police stations whose anti-drug effect was lagging behind, and solved the problems encountered in the work one by one。In a short period of one month, the anti-drug work in our district has made great progress。Second, promote reform by supervising。For the year's key work and important matters under supervision,Bureau of discipline supervision department in accordance with the ongoing "spur the lazy, enhance the execution of the" special rectification work deployment,Combined with the "two learning and one doing" knowledge and practice, practice and reform requirements,A detailed and reasonable inspection plan has been formulated,Focus on areas prone to problems,Summarize and supervise the situation in time,Issuing notice。At the same time urge the problem units to take effective measures timely rectification, to ensure the smooth progress of the center work。


This year, our bureau's "Hurricane 2016" special action results ranked among the forefront of the city, the Criminal investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security specialized organization of 14 central media on our district to combat and rectify the experience of telecom fraud practices carried out in-depth reports。The bureau will also be held in mid-July provincial Public Security Department of the focus on remediation of the site meeting and the Ministry of Public Security held in the national fight against telecom network new illegal crimes special action to promote the meeting to make an introduction to experience, to the province and even the whole country to introduce my district to fight against prominent crime experience。The next step,Our bureau will continue to follow the unified deployment of the higher Party committee,Full of enthusiasm and energetic state of mind,Continue to combine the current public security work,Adhere to learning to promote action, integration of knowledge and action, action and reform,To further "two learning and one doing" learning education to continue to deepen,Make new and greater contribution to the construction of Ping An electric white!

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