Firm faith to go with the party, I progress with the group


Party and Mass work Department He Lihong


July 1, 2016 will be the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. My heart can not help feeling that another century is coming。The Communist Party of China, founded in July 1921, the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held from July 23 to 31, 1921 in Shanghai, the French concession Bele Road Shudeli 3, the Party's first national congress formally announced the birth of the Communist Party of China。The Communist Party of China is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, the core of leadership in China's socialist cause, and represents the interests of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups。它以马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想作为行动指南,最终目的是实现共产主义的社会制度。As a member of the Communist Party of China, we should all bear in mind this festival, which is a time witness to the development of the party and the country。

Recall our Maoming Port Group development history,Just like when the party was founded,Group staff have endured hardships,Hard struggle,From a shell company when it was just established to a large state-owned enterprise with assets of over 100 million yuan now,From two dozen employees to hundreds now,From a parent company before the establishment to the present subordinate and holding (equity) a total of 24 companies。All this is attributable to our Group's firm conviction to follow the Party。The Party's progressiveness is the lifeline of the Party, the fundamental basis for its existence and development, the fundamental condition for winning the trust and support of the vast majority of the people, and the cornerstone of the ruling party's governance。As a witness and participant of the group from scratch, I feel deeply honored to breathe and progress together with the group。

Maoming Bohe Newport Development Co., LTD., the predecessor of Maoming Port Group's parent company, shared offices with the Preparatory Group for Maoming Binhai New Area, which was only established in June 2011。In order to establish the "Maoming Binhai New Area" as a new administrative area, we worked with the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and various departments, seeking help from all parties。In the end, with the wise decision of the provincial Party committee, provincial government and municipal government, "Guangdong Maoming Binhai New Area" was officially established on April 26, 2012, which marked the substantial achievements of our year-long preparatory work。

In order to establish Maoming Port Group and speed up the development and construction of Binhai New Area, we separated government administration from enterprise in accordance with the requirements of our superiors. Since then, more than 20 of our employees have been working independently. Party members and cadres have been acting first and enjoying themselves later, and started the development of Maoming Port Group together with colleagues。Together, we arranged the new office, made suggestions on purchasing various kinds of office equipment, introduced various management systems, and cooperated to complete the development training, so as to jointly build the dream of a great port of Maoming Port。We are like young saplings, constantly experiencing the baptism of wind and rain gradually thrive, the group is like the rising sun, gradually brilliant in the slow climb。

Today, standing on the upper floor of the exhibition center, you can really feel the construction boom of the Boca New Port area。In the distance, large excavators are digging the earth and rocks of Dongge Ridge, mud-head car shuttles back and forth in the mountains of Dongge Ridge, where the vehicle goes, can not help but raise bursts of dust, but from time to time there are sprinklers to sprinkle water, to a certain extent, control the dust flying from the site。Nearby, Guangdong electric bohe coal power chimney towering, around is the construction plant, the nearby site everywhere can be seen wearing a hard hat, wearing a specific uniform staff is under construction, the rumbling sound has never been interrupted。A large number of key projects, such as the South Sewage Treatment Plant Project of Maoming Bohe New Port District, the East Chemical Wharf project, the land construction project of Maoming Bohe Cold Energy Utilization Industrial Park, and the land construction project of Maoming Bohe Clean Energy Logistics Base, have been approved and are pushing forward the preliminary work。

The development and progress of Maoming Group cannot be separated from the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the group。On the occasion of the 95th birthday of the Party, in addition to blessing the prosperity of the Communist Party of China, we should continue to carry forward the fine tradition of Party members, serve the people, perseverance, courage and first-class, repay the training and concern of the Party organization with practical actions。To follow the Party with firm conviction is the clarion call of history, but also the requirement of The Times。As a native of Maoming Port and a member of the Communist Party, I will continue to follow the Party with firm faith and make continuous progress and create brilliance in this ever-changing world full of temptations。


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