The party is in my heart


Li Yutao, China Oil King Port Company


This year is the 95th birthday of our Communist Party of China, to celebrate the great 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, with our heart's most sincere voice to thank the Party, eulogize the Party, bless the party。祝党生日快乐!九十五年前,在国难当头,硝烟四起的旧中国,中国共产党应运而生。From the Jinggangshan spark, spread to a prairie fire in an instant。From the August first Nanchang uprising that the first shot, you are doomed to lead the people armed to seize the political power of the historical mission。您就像一座灯塔,在漫无边际的大海里为革命指明了方向,指引全国人民奋力冲破了漫漫长夜的黑暗,朝着光明与胜利奋勇前进;您就像一只怒吼的雄狮,用响彻神州大地的雄壮怒吼,将沉睡已久的炎黄子孙彻底唤醒。

Memory entered the primary school gate, the bright red scarf fluttering in the chest, that is my first step toward the party - glorious and proud to become a young pioneer, the glorious image of the party took root in the young mind。With steadfast learning and excellent grades, I was honored to become a member of the Communist Youth League after entering junior high school, and was further surrounded by the Party。The shining regimental emblem on my chest reminds me to set an example and standardize my behavior。学习上,努力刻苦不怠慢,课余时,积极参加团组织举行的各种活动,劳逸结合中,放松了自我也加深了对中国共产党的理解与认识;生活上,我积极参加各种义卖募捐和爱心献血等活动,培养乐于助人的好习惯。 In 2010, the college entrance examination ended, which ushered in a turning point in my life -- I was admitted to Guangdong University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology. As a college student in the new era, it has become my responsibility and obligation to actively draw close to the Party organization and fight for the cause of the Party with my own practical actions。In order to get closer to the Party organization, I ran for the position of league branch secretary of our class。In my work, while improving my ideological construction, I combined my professional characteristics with my work, drove the work of the Youth League branch with information technology, made full use of audio-visual equipment to actively carry out the party and league activities, timely organized the study of political theories, and constantly strengthened the propaganda work of the Party history, so that students' political thoughts were always consistent with the Party Central Committee。现在,I am an employee of Maoming Zhongyou Wanggang Petrochemical Co., LTD,In more than half a year of work,Start as an engineering specialist intern,Constantly improve their business level,Under the leadership of the group and the company,Closely rely on the group, the company's strong technical force to do support,Plus I work hard,With a high sense of responsibility, mission and enthusiasm,Do every job actively and conscientiously and responsibly。He has a firm political stance, always unswervingly implementing the Party's basic line and various principles and policies, consciously keeping consistent with the CPC Central Committee, maintaining stability, unity and social stability, abiding by the rules and regulations of the unit and labor discipline, and actively participating in public welfare activities。Abide by the Party's discipline and regulations on honesty and self-discipline, and consciously resist improper practices。With dedication, professional spirit, in the work to play a pioneer model role, successfully complete the work tasks。Keep our thoughts and actions consistent with the Party's line, principles and policies。

The Party, led China's revolutionary war, overthrew the three mountains on the people's body, founded the People's Republic of China, so that the people have been liberated, let us Chinese people truly masters of the country。Let us develop the Chinese nation from a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society into a prosperous and powerful new China。从马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想到邓小平理论,再到三个代表的重要思想,党在领导改革开放和社会主义现代化建设中总不断发展革命理论。After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it formulated the line of socialism with Chinese characteristics, led the people of the whole country in building socialism, endeavoring to create a happy life for the people, and made China a world power。On the road to development, the Party is always exploring with an open mind, constantly developing and making progress in the process of exploration, seeking truth from facts and constantly improving。It is the Party that leads us to the new century。It is the Party's unremitting efforts that have created the present peaceful and healthy society。

From the day the Party was founded,We seem to feel every moment what the party has done for us,如在农村实行免除义务教育学杂费政策;收复了香港、澳门,让那些分离多年的亲人可以相聚一堂;实行西部大开发政策,为西部地区的发展开拓出一条新道路;取消农业税,以行动为普通的农民做出了最实在的帮助;为广大农民工解决了困扰他们已久的就业难问题;再如现在新型农村合作医疗制度的建设,在一定程度上解决了看病难、看病贵等问题;还有加大力度建造大规模的保障性住房,To solve people's housing problems and so on,This is all under the leadership of the Party,State policies that benefit the whole country。

The Party has done too much for us. Without the Party, we would not have a strong China today, and we would not have a happy life today。Because of the leadership of the Party, our motherland has made remarkable achievements, let the world see the strength of China's comprehensive strength, let the Chinese people exulted。

All the time, because of the Party, my path of growth has been given more meaning。I began to understand why "no Communist Party, there is no new China", at this time the party has been deeply engraved in my heart, the party for me is great, let me for it moved, let me moved, I finally began to understand why the heroes in history to the party willing to lay down their heads, shed blood。The party is in my heart,It's like a magnificent monument,Let me respect,永远让人感到振奋;The party is in my heart,It's like a beacon,Show me the way,让我拥有坚持下去的动力;The party is in my heart,Like the great deeds of the Chinese nation will be written forever in the great history,It will be imprinted on the hearts of every Chinese forever。

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