The Party is in my heart, more in my side


Wu Guanting, Maoming Binhai Holding Co., LTD


"Hello, Mr. Wu Guanting, I am glad to inform you that you have passed our interview, and now we officially inform you that you can come to work next Monday..."

I think it is hard for me to forget the phone call from the personnel department of the group. For example, I can hardly forget the first time I went to the New Port area of Bohe Bay and saw all kinds of yellow sand and disorderly grass. I thought, what kind of passion support is this to build a livable and professional new city in this seemingly suitable place for growing grass?

I once doubted whether this was a myth. There is no denying that the coastline of the new district has the excellent potential of a large natural deep-water port. However, this is a century-old fishing port, and the best potential can be turned into strength?

The wind is blowing, the waves are beating, the wind is still wild, the waves are still howling。

"Comrades,Don't look at us now,Poor office conditions,What are we going to have,Especially party members and cadres,更要发挥冲锋在前的作用!同志们,This is an opportunity,A chance to realize your worth,You guys, in a few years,Walking in the new town in the new district,Can proudly say,看,I made a contribution to Maoming!"

The leader in charge of us at that time was Liu Naiying. I can never forget the firmness in his eyes in every working meeting。With ignorant, with a vision, with everyone's footsteps, set foot on this piece of hope barren, began to run day after day。

The left hand sickle and the right hand hammer, sweeping the sky and earth, I can seem to read the meaning of the solemn badge, my heart began to surge a inexplicable throb。

"Comrades, in our spare time, we must not forget to study. We must always bear in mind the teachings of the Party, especially Party officials. In our practical work, we must play a vanguard and exemplary role in taking the lead, bear in mind the requirements of the Party's mass line education and practice activities, and carry out the requirements of the Party!"

A hundred meters, a thousand meters, three meters!

Bohe Bay Drive 100 meters, 500 meters, 1,000 meters!

The sewage treatment station and the first-level land development project started construction smoothly one after another, and the good news one by one played the sonata of the construction of this new district and issued the strong sound belonging to our Maoming Hong Kong people era。

I put the pursuit of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation into the practice of building a "new channel of energy in the South China Sea", I saw those white shirts, with determination, careful thinking on the blueprint, on the road to construction。

Chinese dream, realize the Chinese dream, realize the coastal dream, on the wave of navigation, is they!


"Sure, you can write your application first, and then。。。。。。”

"Is it difficult to join the party?”

After all, there are many young people like you in our group who are motivated and dedicated. If you want to join the Party, it is estimated that you will have to compete well. Why, do you still want to join the Party?”

"Fear of death is not the Communist Party, of course, into the party, actively close to the party, I want to follow everyone charge!"

The moment I signed my name in the application for joining the Party, I felt relieved. After all, there is nothing more comfortable than finding the direction in a daze. I seemed to hear the sea in the new district。

The wind is no longer mad, has become a whisper of hope。

The waves are no longer howling, they are beating the beat of encouragement。


The party, in my heart, also in my side。

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