I am a brick of the party


Mok Wenzhen, China Oil King Port Company


I was born in the remote countryside, but there is never a lack of party sunshine, when I was small, I worship the party members very much, see the old party members in the village roar again, everyone went to work with him, very proud, thought when I grow up, also want to become a party member。

When I was working and had the opportunity to become a real Party member, I really understood the true concept of the Party and understood that the Party is the vanguard of the Chinese working class and serves the people wholeheartedly。And I am a brick in the party organization, the party needs me to be there, I will be there, the party needs me to play any role, I will play my due role。

Due to work needs, I was assigned to Xinlong Company as the deputy general manager in July 2014, responsible for production work。Said vice president,It's actually one head out of dozens of people,He's literally the leader of the army,But "Magpies are small,All five viscera",In work safety,We need to take the lead in doing a good job on the front line,We should also do a good job in management and domain,Timely rectification of potential safety hazards,Make sure nothing goes wrong,A burden is not light,It's a real grind。

Xinlong has just been taken over from a private enterprise with a weak foundation and many security risks. The organization sent me there as a sign of trust and a test for me, because I am a brick in the Party organization. Now the Party has placed this brick in Xinlong, and it depends on its role。

Xinlong Company is mainly engaged in the transfer and storage business of Marine oil and chemical products. It owns A Class A wharf and is one of the two large hazardous chemical enterprises in Maoming City. It was only taken back under group management in 2013。Reservoir area poor foundation, bouton, security risks, work。

I first start from the equipment work, do a good job of equipment maintenance, to ensure the safe operation of each equipment。Due to historical reasons, the staff did not have the habit of maintaining the equipment, and the equipment maintenance in the reservoir area was extremely poor: the surface of some machines and pumps was stained with rust, and the oil cup had already run out of oil, so it was like driving a tractor。Due to more equipment, thin base, coupled with the poor surrounding environment, equipment maintenance work has been unable to go up。This is the reality, what to do?As the saying goes, "From other mountains, you can attack jade."。In order to let everyone find out the gap, unified thinking, I organized workers in batches to brother units to learn equipment maintenance experience, through the scene "view, touch, observation, see, than", so that workers personally feel how much of a gap between us and advanced enterprises。After returning to the unit, everyone expressed their opinions on how to do a good job of equipment maintenance, and consciously asked to do a good job of equipment maintenance。The company will be equipment and health area refinement to team, individual,Label each piece of equipment with a responsible person,Let everyone know at a glance,Compare with each other,I also took the 800 li tank farm as my own equipment maintenance and sanitation responsibility area,With everyone,Use one's spare time,Under the hot sun,With a safety mask you can't even cover your ears,It's noon in the afternoon,The beach was bathed in the sun,The temperature can reach over fifty degrees,The clothes are wet.,Sweat dripped on the thirsty beach,Instant evaporation,Left a lasting memory on the ground。In this way, I and the others in the area of responsibility, the valve stem, the pump shaft over and over again, until polished, then the equipment with a thin layer of butter to protect。To the machine pump, crane pipe, pipeline wipe again and again, to ensure that the equipment is clean and tidy, to ensure good storage storage appearance and working environment。After making significant progress in equipment maintenance, I worked with my colleagues to clean the areas of responsibility, remove debris, sewage and dirty oil from the ground, and place debris at fixed points。In order to extend the maintenance period of equipment, they also find ways to put sleeves on the maintenance of the valve stem, to make a cover for the meter。Due to our hard work, since 2015, the company has organized employees to complete 1248 sets of equipment maintenance work in batches according to the schedule, and the equipment completion rate is maintained at 99.8%以上。Since the maintenance of the equipment is in place, the production has not been affected by equipment problems since 2015。

Basic skills for employees vary。I also focus on staff education and emergency drills, improve staff's basic skills and emergency response ability, focus on safety work。Firmly grasping the top priority of production safety, the company works together, implements the scientific concept of safety management, implements the safety production responsibility system layer by layer, innovates safety management, and strives for intrinsic safety。First, actively carry out safety education and safety accident emergency drills。Since last year, a total of 382 employees have received safety training,其中,季度培训210人次、新员工岗前三级安全教育培训8人次、危险化学品安全管理条例与防火防爆知识培训60人次、新《巴黎人直营注册》培训82人次、特种作业培训15人次、危险化学品企业主要负责人与安全管理人员继续教育6人次、港口设施保安员复训6人次、计量人员持证培训2人次、职业卫生培训10人次、应急救援知识培训4人次;公司级安全事故预案综合演练3次, More than 90 people attended,Department, team emergency drill 4 times,The number of participants is 65,Three port facility security exercises,The number of participants is 55,One oil spill and port facility security drill,参加人数36人;去年8月25日,Maoming Fire Brigade and Dianbai Fire Brigade jointly carried out large-scale fire drill with our company,A total of six fire squadrons and two full-time units were mobilized,14 fire engines and more than 50 firefighters。Through education, training and exercises, employees' safety awareness and operational skills are further improved。Second, we will carry out production safety inspections,Take the form of "combination of size, regular and special",78 comprehensive and systematic inspections of production safety were carried out,Including weekly inspection 50 times, monthly inspection 12 times, quarterly and important holidays before and after the safety inspection 9 times,Special inspection for fire protection twice, special inspection for oil and gas storage and wharf once, hidden danger investigation twice, electrical special inspection once, safety inspection for the establishment of a safe enterprise once,All members of the production safety leading group participated。Third, strengthen safety management and implement the safety work responsibility system。The safety consciousness of the staff has been enhanced, and the safety operation skills have been further improved。The company has achieved the safety production target of "reporting zero production safety accidents of superiors, zero monthly injury frequency of employees, and the comprehensive pass rate of positions where employees contact toxic and harmful substances is more than 98%"。

In order to ensure production safety, I carefully listen to the report of the team members every day, and insist on the inspection of the reservoir area at least twice a day, the time is not less than 3 hours, and in the process of equipment inspection repeatedly found equipment failures, and organize personnel to deal with timely, to avoid equipment accidents and affect production safety。On January 15, this year, during the routine inspection of pump No. 7 in the direction of the oil depot, abnormal sound was found in the operation of the pump motor. We immediately "consulted" with professionals。Subsequently, I organized personnel to overhaul the 7# pump motor, mainly replacing the front and rear bearings of the motor。Later, it was found that the bearing clearance replaced has become significantly wider and the resistance increased. If it is replaced later, it may turn into an equipment accident。

In the process of work, I always maintain a strong sense of safety and can quickly and correctly respond to emergencies。On January 6, the "Renlong You" liquefied gas ship was discharging gas. The personnel on duty found a small hole leak in a DN150 pipe on the side of the ship。After receiving the report, I immediately reported to the superior, and asked the ship to stop all operations, rushed to the scene for emergency treatment, and negotiated with the owner and the ship to find the best way to deal with。The owner and the ship propose to carry out maintenance treatment on site immediately, and continue unloading after treatment。I'm doing a close look around the leak,It was found that the maintenance would produce sparks,The pressure of liquefied gas inside the tank is 13 kilograms,There are more than 600 tons of liquefied gas in the tank,An accident would be catastrophic,So insisted that the owner, the ship will sail to the anchorage for maintenance,The leaking pipeline should be replaced before unloading at the dock。Since we support the principle of "safety first" and adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, we have avoided the further expansion of emergencies and ensured the safety of the wharf. The owners and ships have also expressed their understanding。

I have always put the interests of the country and the collective first, in order to distinguish between the collective and the individual, the state and the family。On September 26 last year, the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Maoming was hit by a severe tropical storm that brought heavy rain。Because of work, I have not been back to my hometown for several years to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. My wife has bought mooncakes in advance and is ready to go back to my hometown to see my mother。Mother also called many times: son ah, your mother has been eight or three years old this year, our mother and son are now less than once, I hope we can get together in this Mid-Autumn Festival。I also promised my mother: the Mid-Autumn Festival must go home to visit her mother。

But the continuing devastation is heart-wrenching: the reservoir is without water and power, Windows and doors are broken, sea water is flooding docks, and oil tanks and pipelines may float at any time。In front of everyone and my family, I chose to stay。Production staff and I stuck to our posts, reinforced equipment, doors and Windows, and comprehensively searched for security risks。When I checked the oil depot area, I suddenly found that a large amount of sewage overflowed from the drainage ditch of the oil depot, which was likely to be discharged into the sea under the wash of the rainstorm。The situation was urgent and emergency treatment must be carried out immediately. I informed the production staff to bring tools such as oil absorbing felt, bucket and aluminum spoon to clean up the sewage in the simplest but most direct and effective way。They are not afraid of hard, not afraid of tired, relying on their own hands, bit by bit to absorb the sewage of the ground and ditch back, and put the recycled sewage into the dirty oil tank for purification treatment, to avoid a damage protection accident。

When the danger was cleared, I took the "outdated" moon cake home to see my mother, it was the 17th night of the lunar calendar。See a face tired son, mother heartache said: people say fifteen moon sixteen round, but you this fifteen moon cake seventeen to, I lived for more than eighty years or the first time。Although said so, but mother still picked up the moon cake with relish to eat。看着满脸皱纹的母亲,我双眼含泪充满着谦意!此刻,让我感到一个党员的无比幸福!

Sweat is not in vain,No pains, no gains,Under the leadership of the superior,My brick of the party has served its purpose,The hard work of my colleagues and I is paying off: Now you are walking in Shuidong Bay,Look at Xinlong Wharf,You see the silver glitter of the equipment,See the birds singing and flowers,You see the hard work of the employees,A large modern garden - like oil depot has taken shape。


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